Conference Delegates

This list includes all full delegates currently registered for the conference and is continuously updated. You are currently viewing the delegates for all regions. To view the delegates for just one region, select that region from the list below.

There are 1193 delegates attending the ACUI annual conference.


Jonathan Albarado, Assistant Director of Marketing
Abby Albright, Graduate Assistant/Rams After Hours
Constantine Alexakos, Director, Student Center and Campus Activities
Shawn Allred, Director of Operations for Campus Activities and Events
Rotimi Ariyo, Program Advisor
Ryan Beck, SGA Graduate Advisor and Building Manager
Alexandra Beynon, Assistant Director, Student Center Operations
R. Scott Birge, Director, Campus Center Management
Pat Bongiovi, Assistant Director Meetings and Events Office
Michael Bowen, Director , Retired
Madison Breen, Associate Director of Highsmith Operations
Patrick Brown, Director of Student Life and The Davis Center
William Brown, Director of Student Activities and the Knobloch Campus Center
Hali Buck, Assistant Director; Ohio Union Events
Marsha Daniels, Event Services Manager
Lisa Dela Cruz, Assistant Director for Student Programs
Joseph Edens, Assistant Director of Student Governance
Joy Edwards, Building Manager
Fred Eustis, Retired
Deborah Felder, Assistant Director, Student Involvement
Brett Gagnon, Assistant Director, Finance and Administration
Carol Garcia, Dean of Students
Bartt Gevens, Coordinator of Sports Facilities and Events Management
Bruce Hamilton, Retired Director, URI Memorial Union & Center for Student Leadership Development
Sally Hammock, Associate Director for Programs (retired)
Lauren Henry, Marketing and Special Events Coordinator
Deb Hobson, Union Director
James Hoppa, Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Katie Junot, Associate Director
Mitch Kilcrease, Assistant Vice President/Director OSU Student Union
Anthony Klaumenzer, Assistant Manager
Ed Knoll, Director of Thompson Student Center
Heidi Kunsman, Principal, Director of Marketing
Rebecca Lesperance, Program Coordinator
Aaron Lovitz, Operations Coordinator
Randi Mack, Director, Douglass & Cook Student Centers and Involvement (retired)
Jerry Mann, Retired - Director of the Student Unions at UNC Charlotte and U.C.L.A
Travis McCauley, Operations Coordinator, Aztec Student Union
Kathy McIntosh, Assistant Dean of Students
Meredithe Mimlitz, Operations Manager
Thomas Molski, Director of Campus Life
Casey Morris, Senior Supervisor of Facilities & Technical Services
Jo Morrison, Director, Programs
Gail Olyha, Retired, Associate Dean/Director
Susan Payment, Retired
Katie Pedersen, Architect, Sr. Project Manager
Jay Plemon, Associate Director of the University Center
Marilyn Prime, Executive Director, University Student Centers
Joe Pugh, Event Operations Manager
Jane Rhyner, Retired - Associate Director of Student Unions
Annie Route, Director of Student Life & Leadership, Retired
Thomas Rufer, Associate Vice President for Auxiliary Services (Retired)
Elizabeth Jane Stachowiak, Director of Student Wellness & Health Promotion (retired)
Donald Stewart, Student Representative
LeNorman Strong, Retired (Associate Vice Chancellor, UC Berkeley
Timothy Sumereau, Supervisor Facility & Event Operations Supervisor
Vinnie Surace, Facilities & Operations Coordinator
Margaret Sutton, Coordinator for Student Programming
Heather Winner, Assistant Director of Administration, UMC
Kyle Zive, Assistant Director, Operations


Elizabeth Beltramini, Director of Content Curation
Jake Dawes, Events and Operations Manager
Anna Donatelle, Program Assistant
Andrea Langeveld, Art Director
Allison Lara, Educational Program Manager
Deana Nichols, Member Services Manager
Kim Pho, Educational Program Manager
Justin Rudisille, Director of Volunteer & Member Engagement
Michelle Smith, Director of Corporate Partnerships and Events
Elizabeth Stringer, Senior Manager of Marketing & Communication
John Taylor, Chief Executive Officer
David Teske, Director of Finance and Administration
Jack Voorhees, Director of Business Services
Zack Wahlquist, Director of Education
Scarlett Winters, Online Engagement Specialist

University of Akron

Ali Doehring, Director, ZipAssist

University of Alabama

Darien Abadie, Assistant Director
Dana Bonifacio-Sample, Director of Ferguson Student Center

Albertus Magnus College

Erin Morrell, Associate Dean for Campus Activities & Orientation


American University

Michael Elmore, Director, University Center
Darcy Frailey, Associate Director, Facilities & Event Services
Calvin Haney, Assocate Director, Student Actitivities and Leadership Development
Ashley Wallace, Operations Coordinator

Anderson Krygier, Inc.

Abby-Sophia Alway, Senior Associate

Appalachian State University

Paul Ford, Evening Manager, Plemmons Student Union
Jenny Koehn, Associate Director, Student Union
Brad Vest, Associate Director/Student Engagement and Leadership

Argo Tea, Inc

Taeyun Kim, VP, Business Development
Pete Popovich, President

Arizona State University

Benjamin Davis, Associate Director, Memorial Union
Michele Grab, Executive Director, Strategic Initiatives

University of Arkansas–Fayetteville

Jody Cochran, Administrative Supervisor & Trainer
Robert Stagni, Director of the Union

Auburn University

Steve Glennon, Assistant Manager, Student Center Operations

Babson College

Angel Long, Assistant Director, Student Activities & Leadership

Bakergroup Foodservice Consulting & Design

Ball State University

Isaac Barber, Assistant Director for Operations
Alicia Fitzgerald, Assistant Director for Student Center Programs - Late Nite
Travis Peters, Associate Director for Student Center and Programs

Barron Games

Alyssa Chawgo, Director of Sales & Operations

Baylor University

Matt Burchett, Director of Student Activities
Tranquility Cowan, Coordinator of Student Union Events
Jordy Dickey, Assistant Director of Student Union
Tanner Vickers, Associate Director of Student Activities for Campus Programs

Bentley University

Michelle Dabenigno, Assistant Director, Student Programs & Engagement

Berklee College of Music

Sophie Bick, Assistant Director for Student Clubs & Organizations

Berry College

Lydia Gordon, Assistant Director of Student Activities

Binghamton University

Jennifer Keegin, Associate Director for Campus Activities
Orrin Kenyon, Assistant Director for University Union Operations

Bloomsburg University

William Perkins, Asst. Director KUB Facilities and Operations

Boise State University

Elise Alford, Senior Associate Director, Student Union
Brent Delong, Director, Student Union
Nicole Nimmons, Executive Director of Campus Services

Brailsford & Dunlavey

Bart Hall, Director - Research & Methods
Katie Karp, Project Manager

Bridgewater State University

Kaitlyn Dyleski, Assistant Director for Operations

Bright White Paper Company

Rick Kazdin, President

Brunswick Bowling Products, LLC

BSA LifeStructures

Joshua Vel, Architect, Regional Director

Bucknell University

Kari Conrad, Associate Dean of Students

University of Calgary Students' Union

Jeff Marshall, General Manager

California Polytechnic State University - ASI

Missi Allison-Bullock, Coordinator - ASI Programs
Daren Connor, Assistant Director - Facilities Operations (University Union)
Marcy Maloney, ASI Executive Director
Dora Mountain, Coordinator - Communications and PR
Jennifer Von Der Lohe, Coordinator - Event Logistics

California State Polytechnic University–Pomona

Tari Hunter, Director, Office of Student Life & Cultural Centers

California State University–Bakersfield

James Drnek, Associate VP for Student Affairs

California State University–Channel Islands

Tonee Sherrill, Assistant Director

California State University–Dominguez Hills

Jaime Leal, Assistant Director Business Services
Damesha McKnight, Reservations Assistant
Cecilia Ortiz, Director
John Stigar, Assistant Director Facility Operations

California State University–East Bay

Margaret Daniel, Services Coordinator
Mohammed Salman, Operations Coordinator

California State University–Fullerton

Keya Allen, Associate Executive Director
Jared Hill, Student Union Chair

California State University–Long Beach

Sylvana Cicero, Director, University Student Union & Student Recreation and Wellness Center
Iraida Venegas, Assistant Director, Commercial Services

California State University–Los Angeles

Tefary Burford, Building Manager
Stephen Fleischer, Executive Director
Christopher Johnson, Assistant Director, New Student and Parent Programs
Jesus Sandoval, Assistant Director of Operations
Alex Torres, Operations Coordinator

California State University–Northridge

Nicholas Echeverri, Coordinator, Computer Lab
Bryant Garcia, Student Operations Assistant
Jeremy Hamlett, Manager, Operations and Facilities Planning
Kingson Leung, Coordinator, Assessment and Special Initiatives
Samantha Liu, Manager, Reservations and Operations
Tim Rasmussen, Building Operations Coordinator
Steven Wein, Multimedia Coordinator

California State University–San Bernardino

Aaron Burgess, Executive Director
Anthony Roberson, Associate Director, Operations

California State University–San Marcos

Hugo Pinales, Coordinator of USU & Tukwut Life Programs
Sara Quinn, Director, University Student Union

University of California–Berkeley

Suzanne Halpin, Director of Event and Facilities Operations

University of California–Davis

Aaron Gomez, Associate Director, MU Informaton Desk

University of California–Irvine

Joseph Ayoub, Operations Manager
Stacey Murren, Director, UCI Student Center & Event Services

University of California–San Diego

John Payne, Associate Director
Sharon Van Bruggen, Director, University Centers

University of California–Santa Barbara

Diana Ballesteros, Manager, Meetings & Events

Campus Labs

Ryan O'Connell, Sr. Product Manager

Canberra Institute of Technology

Andrew Scotford, General Manager


Patricia Bou, Principal
Craig Hamilton, Principal
Roland Lemke, Principal

Carroll University

Tyler Ratkowski, Associate Director of the Campus Center

Catholic University of America

William Jonas, Executive Director of Events and Conference Services

University of Central Florida

Matt Adams, Coordinator

Central Washington University

Lola Gallagher, Associate Director, Marketing & Communications
Robbi Goninan, Assistant Director, Campus Activities
Cherie Wilson, Director, Student Union

XpressPort Products

Kenneth Hufstater, President

College of Charleston

Mandi Bryson, Associate Director for Events & Operations


Candice Gutmann, Director, Distribution and Marketing
Kristen Mullarkey, Manager, College Relations

Chemeketa Community College

Adam Holden, Student Leadership & Civic Engagement Coordinator

University of Chicago

Kimberly Balkcom, Assistant Director, Operations
Guadalupe Nieves, Associate Director of Building Services, Student Centers

Chick-fil-A, Inc.

Allen DuPont, Sr. Principal Program Lead, Licensing
Matt Sullivan, Sr. Principal Program Lead, Licensing

Christopher Newport University

Katherine Winstead Reichner, Associate Director of Student Activities

University of Cincinnati

Kyle Augustitus, Program Manager
Ryan Gaerke, Assistant Director of MainStreet Operations
Jamie Miller, Director, Conference & Event Services, MainStreet Operations

Clackamas Community College

John Ginsburg, Director, Student Leadership and Engagement

Clark Nexsen

Jeffrey Yelton, Vice President - Student Life

Clayton State University

Tony Berry, Technology & Equipment Manager
Brandon Marshall, SAC Facility Manager

Clemson University

Nick Lang, Graduate Assistant for Student Clubs and Organizations
Eric Sneeden, Associate Director

Coastal Carolina University

Chris Adrian, Student Union Manager

CollegeNET, Inc.

Stuart Hutton, Account Manager
Walt Martin, Professional Services Consultant

University of Colorado

Jimmie Baker, Senior Associate Director for Operations and Services
Erin Dewese, Assistant Director for Center for Student Involvement
Kristen Rollins, Director, Center for Student Involvement

Colorado Mesa University

Gail Howe, Assistant Director of Student Life

Colorado State University

Donnyale Ambrosine, Director of Marketing
Michael Ellis, Asst Vice President/Exec Dir
Nick Eppley, Communications Coordinator

University of Colorado–Colorado Springs

Alejandro Dejesus, Associate Director - University Center and Building Operations

University of Colorado–Denver

Nelson Rodriguez, Assistant Director of Student Life

University of Connecticut

Kim Schwarz, Director of Event Services Hartford Campus

Cooper Carry, Inc.

Christopher Bivins, Associate Principal

Cornell University

Kris Corda, Director, Big Red Barn Graduate Student Center

County College of Morris

Donald Phelps, Director of Campus Life

Daemen College

Kerry Spicer, Dean of Students

Dartmouth College

Joseph Castelot, Deputy Director- Collis Center
Juli Coombs, Program Coordinator
Timothy Duggan, Assistant Director of the Collis Center for Student Involvement
Eric Ramsey, Director, Collis Center for Student Involvement

Davidson College

Michael Goode, Director Alvarez College Union and Student Activities

University of Delaware

Meaghan Davidson, Assistant Director
Abigail Hill, Communications Specialist
Vincent Jackson, Coordinator, Office of Student Conduct
Gil Johnson, Senior Associate Director, University Student Centers
Alex Keen, Assistant Director
Susan Luchey, Associate Director of the University Student
Scott Mason, Senior Associate Director for Student Involvement
Jay Patel, Program Coordinator
Cara White, Assistant Director

Denny's Inc.

Barry Wells, Business Development

DePaul University

Teneshia Arnold, Assistant Director, Student Involvement
Rigo Gutierrez, Coordinator, Office of Student Involvement
Joseph Skibicki, Operations Manager
Blake Trchka, Operations Manager & Audio-Visual Services Coordinator

University of the District of Columbia

Clifton Johnson, Director, Student Center
Erik Thompson, VP, Real Estate & Facilities Management

DLR Group

Stuart Rothenberger, Global Higher Education Leader

Drexel University

Emily Geschke, Director, Operations
Sarah Olsen, Director, Campus Activities

Dublin City University

Una Redmond, Manager- Office of Student Life

Duda|Paine Architects

Duke University

Jim Hodges, Director, Conference & Event Services
Christopher Roby, Asst. Vice President and Executive Director, University Center Activities and Events

East Carolina University

Beth Bengala, Director
Chris Chappell, Associate Director
Dena Olo, Associate Director
Emily Reynolds, Coordinator for Student Programming
Dean Smith, Director of Student Centers

East Stroudsburg University

Joseph Akob, Executive Director, ESU Student Activity Association, Inc.

Eastern Michigan University

Charlie Krey, AV/Event Operations Manager

Eastern Washington University

Daniel Clapp, Director, Pence Union Building

Einstein Brothers Bagels

BJ Makooi, Sr. Director, Business Development
Gavin O'Connor, Senior Director of Business Dev

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Dustin Beech, Assistant Director for Campus Activities
Karin Gollin, Executive Director, Student Engagement & Student Union

Emerson College

Joel Pettigrew, Conference Manager

Emory University

Robert Crowder, Assistant Facilities Director
Janell Goodwin-Farley, Meeting Services Coordinator
Jackie Grinvalds, Associate Director, Student Union
Benjamin Perlman, Director, Student Center Operations & Events
Kayla Tyson, Coordinator for Student and Facility Operations

EMS, an Accruent Company

Ennead Architects LLP

Envision Strategies, LLC

Sojo Alex, Associate
Rob White, President

Eustis Chair

Brian Langhorst, President


Charles Rudalavage, Principal

Fairleigh Dickinson University–Teaneck

Jocelyn Moses, Assistant Dean of Student Union and Campus Engagement
Jessica O'Brien, Associate Dean, Student Union & Campus Engagement

Ferris State University

Mark Schuelke, University Center Director

University of Florida

Brandy Burgess, Associate Director for Programs
Eddie Daniels, Assistant Vice President for Business Services
Michael Mironack, Director of Operations

Florida A&M University

William Clemm, Director, Efferson Student Union & Activities
Baron Thomas, Sr University Union Program Specialist

Florida Atlantic University

Jamie Ortiz, General Manager of the Carole and Barry Kaye Auditorium
Warren Shaw, Associate Director of Campus Life

Florida Gulf Coast University

Julie Gleason, Assistant Dean for Student Involvement

Florida International University

Sanyo Mathew, Senior Director

Florida State University

Greg Akridge, Assistant Director, Union Operations
Matthew Ducatt Ph.D., Director, Union and Activities
Trinity Gonzalez, Assistant Director, Union Guest Services
Dorsey Spencer Jr. , Director of Administration

Fort Hays State University

Framingham State University

Jordan Peterson, Assistant Director, Student Involvement & Leadership Development

Freshens Quality Brands

Marty Bennett, Sr. Director of Business Development
Rod Dowdy, Business Development Manager

Frostburg State University

Allen Flanagan, Director

Furman University

Jessica Berkey, Director of Student Activities and the Trone Student Center
Shane Farmer, Assistant Director of Student Organizations and Trone Student Center

Genesee Community College

Kristen Mruk, Assistant Director of Student Activities

Georgetown University

Andrew Addison, Assistant Director of Student Centers
Robert Bailey, Operations Manager
LaWanda White, Assistant Director

University of Georgia

Greg Kirby, Director of Campus Reservations, Events and Technical Services

Georgia Gwinnett College

Torrez Wilson, Assistant Director of Student Involvement & the Student Center

Georgia Institute of Technology

Carly Bloomingdale, Associate Director - Student Center Programs
Lindsay Bryant, Senior Director
Kate Curnow, Communications & Marketing Manager
Kim Harrington, AVP - HR
Teresa Weimann, Program Advisor

Georgia Southern University

Shalah Bowden, Assistant Manager, Financial Accounting
Bridget Lee, Facility and Event Services Coordinator

Georgia State University

Boyd Beckwith, Senior Director, Student Center
Michelle Canales, Student Affairs Advisor
Monica Goodman, Building Service Supervisor
Amy Stehman, Event Planning Coordinator
Gail Sutton, Director, Programs and Student Life

Gettysburg College

Joseph Gurreri, Admin, Student Activities & Greek Life

Gonzaga University

Chuck Faulkinberry, Director, John J. Hemmingson Center and Auxiliary Services
Becky O'Connell, Event Operations Manager
Carissa Outen, Building Coordinator

Gotham Artists

Alexa Dalbis, Director of Marketing
Alec Melman, Partner

Grand Valley State University

Loren Rullman, Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Grayson College

Gregg Miles, Director, Student Life and Housing

Green River College

Su Hoon Tan, Director of Conference Services


Matthew Lee, Interior Designer
James Stevens, Planner

University of Hartford

Charles Amerson, Director of Student Centers

Hastings+Chivetta Architects, Inc.

University of Hawaii–Manoa

Bonnyjean Manini, Director, Student Involvement & Leadership Development

Hollwich Kushner Architecture DPC

Matthias Hollwich, Co-founder, Principal

Hord Coplan Macht

David Hatton, Principal/Higher Education Leader

University of Houston

Colin Adams, Assistant Director, SC Event Services
Angela Allen, Adminstrative Assistant
Niya Blair, Director, Center for Diversity and Inclusion
Lauren Ellzey, Marketing Manager
Eve Esch, Director of Student Centers
Keith Kowalka, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs - Student Life
Carrie Miller, Theater Director
Lauren Sposato, Assistant Director, Student Centers
Andrea Trevino, Program Manager II, Information & Operations

University of Houston–Clear Lake

Daniel Maxwell, Interim Vice President for Student Affairs

Howard University

Reginald LeGrier, Director, Blackburn University Center
Katherine Outlaw, Director, Office of Student Life & Activities

University of Idaho

Cher Hendricks, Vice Provost

University of Illinois at Chicago

Misty Brown, Assistant Director of Student Centers
Charles Farrell, Executive Director for Business Development/UIC Student Centers
Sladjana Grbic, Assistant Director
Rhonda Laylo, Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Ruby Lepe, Assistant Director of the Student Union
Jason Tolliver, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Allen Womble, Associate Director -- Center for Student Involvement

University of Illinois–Springfield

Ann Comerford, Student Union Executive Director

University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign

Donna Wargo, Rec Room Manager


John Holbert, Senior Principal

Indiana University-Bloomington

Mike Campbell, Associate Director
Gary Chrzastowski, Assistant Director-Facilities
Mara Dahlgren, Director, Student Involvement & Leadership
Jennifer Sims, Senior Assistant Director, Media & Communications, Career Development Center
Hank Walter, Executive Director of the Indiana Memorial Union

Indiana University-Purdue University–Indianapolis

Angel Flowers, Assistant Director, Campus Center & Student Employment
Joseph Hayes, Assistant Dean of Students
Juliana Jalal, Coordinator for Student Organizations
Michael Sprinkle, Lecturer
Brian Starkel, Senior Assistant Director
Linda Wardhammar, Associate Director, Campus Center and Student Experiences

Integra Seating

Andi Cross, Business Development Manager
Sharon Pacek, Sales Representative
Joel Riley, National Sales Manager

University of Iowa

John Cory, Event and Reservations Manager
Nellie Hermanson, Associate Director, Campus Programs & Student Activities, CSIL
Bill Nelson, Associate Dean and Executive Director, Iowa Memorial Union
Eric Rossow, Assistant Director, Iowa Memorial Union Outreach Programs & Services

Iowa State University

Seth Dohrn, Assistant Director of Hospitality Services
Kristin Erdman, Marketing Coordinator
George Micalone, Director of Student Activities/ Asst Director- Memorial Union

James Madison University

David Barnes, Director, University Unions
Robert Davis, Event Services Coordinator
Jeremy Hawkins, Assistant Director - Festival Conference and Student Center
Joe Urgo, Associate Director - University Unions

Jefferson University

Giancarlo Brugnolo, Associate Director of Student Engagement for Operations
Timothy Butler, Associate Dean
Dora Eaton, Campus Reservationist / Adjunct Professor

Johns Hopkins University

Johnson & Wales - Charlotte

Christina Jaeger, Assistant Director of Student Involvement & Leadership

University of Kansas

Lisa Kring, Director of Building and Event Services
David Mucci, Director

Kansas State University

Greg Akins, Assistant Director/Operations and ID Center Management
Erika Davis, Program Advisor
Craig Johnson, Associate Director/Director of Operations
William Smriga, Executive Director, K-State Student Union
Audrey Taggart-Kagdis, Director of Marketing
Corey Williamson, Executive Director

Kean University

Kerrin Lyles, Director, Miron Student Center Operations & Event Management

Kennesaw State University

Jonathan Duke, Director of Camps, Conferences, & Business Development
Heather Nunes, Assistant Director, Customer Experience
Jennifer Tesch M.Ed, Manager of Student Center Operations

Kent Union

Jim Gardner, Chief Executive
Rory Murray, President

Kent State University

Ann Myers, Senior Assistant Director

University of Kentucky

Amanda Adams, Event Services Coordinator
Dustin Adams, Assistant Director, Activities and Marketing
Barry Bowman, Technical Services Coordinator
Ashley Casteel, Associate Director Event Management
Drew Crawford, Graduate Assistant, Commencement
Chris Franklin, Associate Director, Security and Operations
John Herbst, Executive Director, UK Gatton Student Center
Kate Latham, Technical Supervisor, University Sound & Lights

KSQ Design

George Pritchard, Director of Interior Design

KSS Architects

Pamela Rew, Partner


Neal Nye, Account Executive

La Salle University

Kyra Spoto, Director of Reservation and Conference Services

Lamar University

Kyle Fayan, Operations Manager
Todd Shaver, Director, Setzer Student Center

Lehigh University

Carol Hill, Director of Student Center Facilities and Operations
Matthew Kitchie, Sr. Ast. Dean/Director of Student Engagement

University of Liverpool

Tricia O'Neill, Chief Executive

London School of Economics and Political Science Students' Union

Yemi Gbajobi, Chief Executive

Longwood University

Susan Sullivan, Director of the University Center and Student Activities

Louisiana State University

Margot Carroll, Assistant Vice President, Auxiliary Services
Rachel Henry, Director of Event Management and Marketing

University of Louisiana–Lafayette

Garland Rodriguez, Assistant Director, Student Union

Macalester College

Mackey Mitchell Architects

John Burse, Principal
Merrilee Hertlein, Principal

Madrax/Thomas Steele

Chantel Pivotto, Marketing Assistant

Manhattan College

Hayden Greene, Director, Multicultural Affairs

Marquette University

Dan Abler, Assistant Director of Operations
Julie Kuligowski, Event Coordinator
Neal Wucherer, Director

University of Mary Washington

Alec Mallmann, Assistant Director of Student Activities and Engagement and University Center Coordinator

University of Maryland

Susan Canady, Assistant Director, Event & Guest Services
Nora Czumak, Assistant Director for Business

University of Maryland–Baltimore

Anna Borgerding, Associate Director- Campus Center & URecFit
Cody Sizemore, Assistant Director of Operations

University of Massachusetts

Lloyd Henley, Associate Director, Student Engagement

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Aaron Donaghey, Supervisor of Event Planning
Lianne Scott, Assistant Director for Events and Operations
Phillip Walsh, Director of Campus Activities Complex and Student Life Space Administrator

University of Massachusetts–Boston

Geoff Combs, Executive Director, Campus Center & Event Services
Daphney Voltaire, Operations Coordinator

University of Massachusetts–Dartmouth

William Mitchell, Assistant Director of Campus Services Operations and Marketing
Greg Paciulan, Event and Technical Services Manager

University of Massachusetts–Lowell

Mary Connelly, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
Adam Dunbar, Associate Director - Student Affairs
Brenda Evans, Dean, Student Affairs and Event Services
Amy Liss, Associate Director, Student Activities and Leadership
Laurence Siegel, Associate Vice Chancellor


Brian Ehrgott, Sales Executive

McCourt Manufacturing

Robby Puckett, Territory Manager

MHTN Architects Inc.

Matthew Clinger, Associate Principal
Randy Knight, Associate Principal
Sarah Miller, Architect
Kyle Taft, Principal

University of Miami

Denise Lausell, Manager, Customer Service & Student Programming
Nicholas Rau, Executive Director, Student Center Complex
Nikki Williamson, Associate Director for Student Activities and Student Organizations

Miami University

Hannah Muldoon, Assistant Director, Event Management
Shayna Sandbank, Program Coordinator
Taylor Shanks, Assistant Director Event Production
Lincoln Walburn, Associate Director, Armstrong Student Center

Michigan State University

Tami Kuhn, Director, MSU Union

University of Michigan–Ann Arbor

Rob Abid, Student Organization Consultant
Jamie Alt, Program Advisor
Kelly Dunlop, Associate Director, Center for Campus Involvement
Holly Grunn Beckwith, Assistant Director, University Unions
Eric Heilmeier, Director, Pierpont Commons & Associate Director, University Unions
Jim Hoppes, University Activities Center Program Advisor
Susan Pile, Senior Director, University Unions and Auxiliary Services
Melanie Pizzulo, Director, Palmer Commons
Ashley Rutledge, Manager of Student Programs
Amy White, Director, Michigan Union
Robert Yurk, Director, Auxiliary Capital Projects

University of Michigan–Dearborn

Kristine Day, Assistant Director, University Unions & Events

Middlesex County College

Marla Brinson, Dean, Student Affairs
Ode Hoppie, Assistant Director of Student Life
Mary Tutalo, Student Life Coordinator

Millersville University of Pennsylvania

Millikin University

Candice Germany, Assistant Director of the University Commons
Z. Paul Reynolds, Director of Student Development and the University Commons

Minnesota State University–Mankato

Minnesota State University Moorhead

Layne Anderson, Director Student Union and Activities

University of Minnesota–Duluth

Jessi Eaton, Assistant Director, Student Activities & Leadership
Jeni Eltink, Director, Kirby Student Center
Corbin Smyth, Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Life

University of Minnesota–Morris

Simón Franco, Student Activities and Leadership Coordinator
David Israels-Swenson, Senior Director For Student Activities, Health and Wellness

University of Minnesota–Twin Cities

Erik Dussault, Assistant Director, Student Unions & Activities
Jason Hancock, Interim Sr. Associate Director
David Hill, Facility Director, St. Paul Student Center
Ian Kitchen, Senior Marketing Manager
Anise Mazone, Program Director, Multicultural Student Engagement
Denny Olsen, Interim Director
Maggie Towle, Interim Vice Provost, Student Life | Director, Student Unions & Activities
Ben Vogel, Facilities Manager

MiraCosta College

University of Mississippi

Bradley Baker, Director - Ole Miss Student Union

Mississippi State University

Chris Hawkins, Coordinator for Student Activities
Brad Hill, Assistant Director for Student Activities

University of Missouri

Elaina Frede, Event Operations and Guest Relations Manager
Heath Immel, Director
Shane Stinson, Guest Relations Coordinator
Deana Volle, Building Operations Coordinator

Missouri State University

Victoria Culver Rice, Assistant Director of Student Engagement for Programs
DJ Fox, Assistant Director of Facilities & Operations
Terry Weber, Director, Plaster Student Union

University of Missouri–Kansas City

Michael Sargentini, Coordinator, Building Operations

Mity-Lite, Inc.

Chris Hodgson, Marketing Manager
Denise Morice, East Central Regional Sales Director
Jeff Scott, Vice President Sales

Montclair State University

Casey Coleman, Coordinator of Student Activities
Christopher Cottle, Department Advisor, Family Science and Human Development
Julie Fleming, Associate Director of Student Involvement

Moody-Nolan Inc.

Julie Cook, Associate Principal
Dana Ford, Market Director

Morgan State University

Floyd Taliaferro III, Director, University Student Center and Student Activities

Most Dependable Fountains

Anita Beachum, Marketing Director
Robert Beachum, Sales Manager

MTS Seating

John Rapp, National Accounts Executive

Murray State University

Debra Futrell, Assistant Director for Scheduling & Marketing

Nana Wall Systems

National Union of Students

University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Andrew Smriga, Assistant Director, Nebraska East Union

University of Nevada–Las Vegas

Shanna Kinzel, Interim Director, Conference & Event Services

University of Nevada–Reno

Timothy J. Bank$, Associate Director, Operations - Joe Crowley Student Union
James Cox, Associate Director, Programs
Chuck Price, Director, Joe Crowley Student Union

New Mexico State University

Ophelia Watkins, Director, Auxiliary Operations

New York University

Adam Wong, Associate Director

Norix Furniture

NORR Architecture Engineering Interior Design

Ray Maggi, Principal, Education Practice Leader

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

Carl Baker, Executive Director, Student Center
Robert Johnson, Director, University Events Center

North Carolina Central University

Sharnia Herbin, Administrative Association
Orok Orok, Executive Director

North Carolina State University

Erica Epps, Assistant Director
Tim Hogan, Director, University Student Centers
Reggie Howell, Marketing Manager
Rich Steele, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor Campus Enterprises
Laura Stott, Associate Director, Student Involvement
Allison Van Den Berg, Operations Coordinator
TJ Willis, Associate Director, NC State Student Centers

University of North Carolina–Asheville

Stan Sweeney, Director of Highsmith Student Union & Student Activities

University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill

Zenik Hite, Assistant Technical Manager
Crystal King, Director, Carolina Union
Tammy Lambert, Assistant Director for Student Organizations
Joselle Torres, Assistant Director of Event Services

University of North Carolina–Charlotte

Adam Burden, Director of Student Involvement
Jeremy Dale, Associate Director of Finance and Administration for the Student Union and Cone
Morgan Meehan, Director, Popp Martin Student Union and Cone University Center
Donna Merck, Associate Director Cone University Center
Emily Schnier, Assistant Director of Operations, Popp Martin Student Union

University of North Carolina–Greensboro

Alexandra Marchesano, Director of Campus Activities and Programs
Kathleen McGirty, Assistant Director
William Parrish, Director - Elliott University Center

University of North Carolina–Pembroke

Darien Levine, Assistant Director for Student Organization Development
Aubrey Swett, Director of University Center and Programs

University of North Carolina–Wilmington

Thomas Baynes, Technical Coordinator
Stefanie Norris, Director of Campus Life Arts and Programs
Gillian Perry, Assistant Director of Arts & Programs
Erin Williamson, Assistant Director, Leadership Programs
Larry Wray, Executive Director of Campus Life

University of North Dakota

Aaron Flynn, Assistant Director, Memorial Union Facilities & Operations
Cheryl Grew-Gillen, Executive Director, Memorial Union
Matthew Sebby, Associate Director

North Dakota State University

Jacob Waldner, Assistant Director of Events and Operations
Paul Wraalstad, Director, Memorial Union Operations

University of North Florida

Jennifer Nutt, Director Student Union Administration

North Idaho College

Dodi Rode, Student Union Operations Coordinator

University of North Texas

Wendy Denman, Executive Director
Steven Meehin, Associate Director - Marketing, Assessment, & Retail
Cheltzie Miller-Bailey, Coordinator for Campus-Wide Events
Sergio Renovato, Assistant Director of the Center for Student Affairs at Discovery Park
Rick Rodriguez, Assistant Director Operations

Northeastern Illinois University

Kyle Burke, Director of Student Union, Event & Conference Services

Northern Kentucky University

Sarah Aikman, Director, Student Union and Programming
Chris Tambling, Associate Director, Student Union and Conference Management

Northwestern University

Dornette Ashley, Event Planning Coordinator
Debra Blade, Assistant Director, Norris Programs
Phillip Booker, Assistant Director, Planning & Production
Tracey Gibson-Jackson, Assistant Director, Student Organizations & Activities
Dominic Hoare Evans, Graduate Assistant for Operations and Assessment at Northwestern University
Joe Lattal, Assistant Director, Student Organizations & Activities
Kelly Schaefer, Assistant Vice President for Student Engagement
Jeremy Schenk, Executive Director of Norris University Center
Brittany Williams, Associate Director of Event Management
Meredith Young, Events Operations Manager

University of Notre Dame

Brian Fremeau, Director of Facilities
Michael Golze, Summer Programs and Events Manager
Casey St. Aubin, Assistant Director of Student Activities

Oakland University

Jason VanBuskirk, Assistant Director - Oakland Center

Ohio University

Emma Clark, Reservation & Events Coordinator, Campus Recreation
Tim Epley, Event Services - Business Manager
Dustin Kilgour, Executive Director of Baker University Center and Event Services
Evan Wilkof, Assistant Director of Operations

Oklahoma State University

Tracie Brown, Associate Director for Administrative Services
Kayla Loper, Manager of Arts, Culture, & Entertainment
Deborah Shotwell, Marketing Manager

Old Dominion University

Robert Holden, Housekeeping Manager
Shannon Sauerwald, Director, Webb Center

Omicron Delta Kappa

Timothy Reed, Associate Executive Director for Business and Membership Services

Opsis Architecture

Alec Holser, Partner
Paul Kinley, Partner

University of Oregon

Dan Geiger, Assistant Director for Retail Services
Jessi Steward, Associate Director of EMU, Student Union Activities and Programs
Laurie Woodward, Director, Erb Memorial Union

Oregon State University

Mike Mayers, Assistant Director - Facilities
Heather Rapp, Program Council & Late Night Coordinator
Christina Walsh, Student Engagement Coordinator

Panda Restaurant Group, Inc.


Steve Kibler, Vice President of Real Estate
Jessica Lipp, Manager of Nontraditioanl Real Estate
Matt Scobbie, Sr. Real Estate & Development Manager

University of Pennsylvania

Alexis Celotto, Event Coordinator
Katie Hanlon Bonner, Executive Director of Activities and Programs
Kelly Hartman, Assistant to the Executive Director
Tom Hauber, Executive Director of VPUL Facilities
Britny Molloy, Sales Event Coordinator
Paul Sehnert, Director of Development Management
Katrina Shope, Event Coordinator
Kris Werez-Patterson, Manager, Perelman Quadrangle and VPUL Performing Arts Facilities
Claire Williams, General Manager of Penn Student Agencies
Kate Young, Assistant Sales Coordinator

Pennsylvania State University–University Park

Mary Edgington, Senior Director, HUB-Robeson Center, Student Affairs Facilities and Staff Development
Mike Miller, Business Operations Manager
Brad Wagner, Facilities Supervisor


David Damon, Principal
Yanel de Angel, Architect, Associate Principal
Lauren Prickett, Senior Project Manager
David Sheehan, Associate Principal
Jeff Stebar, Higher Education Practice Leader

Pikes Peak Community College

Dawn Souza, Director of Student Life
Ty Upshaw, Student Government Association Treasurer
Debra Willis, Office Manager

Point Loma Nazarene University

Milton Karahadian, Dir. Nicholson Commons

Pomona College

John Lopes, Assistant Director

Portland Community College

Michelle Butler, Perkins learning skills specialist
Amanda Ellertson, Director of Student Life and Leadership
Kendi Esary, Director Student Leadership Programs
Virginia Martin, Coordinator, Queer Resource Center
Joshua Peters-McBride, Interim Dean of Student Development
Becky Springer, Queer Resource Center Coordinator
Kien Truong, Student Board Trustee

Portland State University

Casey Payseno, Assistant Director
Chad Robertson, Event Operations Coordinator

Princeton University

Alexis Parrill, Orientation Programs Coordinator

PS Furniture

University of Puget Sound

Sarah Comstock, Associate Dean of Students

Purdue University

Heather Beasley, Director of Student Involvement and the Krach Center
Wilfrido Cruz, Cultural Programs Administrator
Chelsea Harris, Program Advisor, Programs and Recreation
Margie Jones, Assistant Director of Student Involvement Programs and Recreation
Stephanie Knight, Director, Leadership Programs
Angelica McLean, Student Affairs Specialist, Student Activities & Organizations
Zane Reif, Senior Director, Purdue Memorial Union
Todd Wetzel, Assistant Vice-Provost for Student Life/acting director of Purdue Memorial Union

Radford University

Alice Coughlin, Director for Student Involvement
Robert Mead, Production Services Manager

Ramapo College

Eddie Seavers, Associate Director - Center for Student Involvement

University of Rhode Island

Maureen McDermott, Assistant Director Student Involvement

Rhode Island College

Kristen Salemi, Director of the Student Union

Rice University

Kate Abad, Director of Student Activities
Philippa Angelides, Associate Director, Student Center
Kristen Ernst, Associate Director of Student Engagement

Stockton University

Maria Gallo, Facility Coordinator, Campus Center Operations

University of Rochester

Laura Ballou, Assistant Dean, Student Life Operations
Brian Magee, Associate Director, Wilson Commons Student Activities

Rochester Institute of Technology

David Bagley, Assistant Vice President
Elaine Kanara, Manager for Financial Operations

Rowan University

Dan Hartman, Assistant Director, Building Operations
Megan Henry, Graduate Coordinator, Rowan After Hours
Lauren Kuski, Assistant Director, Rowan After Hours (RAH), SCCA
Megan McHugh, Assistant Director, Student Center & Campus Activities
Ambre McKenna, Program Assistant
David Miller, Graduate Coordinator, Event Management
Melissa Ulmer, Assistant Director - Marketing & Student Programs

Rutgers University

Karen Ardizzone, Associate Director, Student Centers and Involvement
Ryan Bissonnette, Assistant Director of Leadership & Experiential Learning
Elizabeth Desimone, Assistant Director - College Avenue Student Center
Michal Jankowski, Assistant Director, Cook and Douglass Student Centers
Yakima Melton, Assistant Director, Livingston Student Center
William O'Brien, Executive Director for Student Centers & Activities
Anthony Otero, Assistant Director, Meetings & Events Office
Neela Patel, Senior Director, Student Centers and Event Services
Mark Sharp, Technical Director, Student Centers
Kaitlin Spurgin, Event Services Coordinator
Dan Turano, Assistant Director, Busch Student Center

Rutgers University–Camden

Scott Mccarthy, Assistant Operations Coordinator
Patrick Wallace, Assoc. Director Campus Center

Rutgers University–Newark

Thomas Marsella, Program Coordinator

Salisbury University

Lawanda Dockins-Mills, Associate Dean of Students

Sam Houston State University

Brad Herget, Assistant Director of Event Services/Technology
James Van Roekel, Director of Student Affairs Technology
Robert Webber, Director of Lowman Student Center

San Diego State University

Liza Bennett, Events Planner
Stephanie Dathe, Director, Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union
Steven DiPaolo, Associate Director of Programs and Marketing
David McGrew, Assistant Director of Facilities
Veronica Perondi, A.S. Programs Coordinator

Santa Clara University

Matt Cameron, Assistant Vice Provost for Student Life
Alissa Novak, Associate Director, Center for Student Involvement
Corey Valine, Assistant Director of Student Centers


Ivelisse Otero, Senior Associate
Cassandra Thompson, Marketing Manager

University of Saskatchewan

Caroline Cottrell, General Manager
Jason Kovitch, Business and Services Manager

Sauder Education

Joe Marano, Sauder Education Sales Representative
Tim Wagler, Education National Sales Manager

Seating Concepts Inc.

Taylor Heilbronner, Business Development Manager

SenSource, Inc.

Chris Listorti, Senior Account Manager

The Sextant Group

John Cook, Vice President

Shenandoah University

Amanda Levy, Wilkins Athletics and Events Center

Shepherd University

Shippensburg University

Marsha Bonn, Director for University Union and Student Activities

SICO America Inc.

Siena College

Simpson College

Richard Ramos, Associate Dean of Students


Glenn Skaggs, Senior Assessment Specialist


Douglas Campbell, Architect

Snow College

Michelle Brown, Director of Student Life and Leadership
Nikki Elizabeth, Student Life Program Coordinator
Zeb White, Assistant Director, Student Life

Sonoma State University

Jenna Hennessy, Student Center and Event Operations Manager

University of South Alabama

James Contratto, Associate Director for Student Activities - University Programs
John Felschow, Graduate Assistant
Krista Harrell, Associate Dean of Students & Title IX Coordinator

University of South Carolina–Columbia

Ryan Gross, Associate Director for Russell House Events

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

Cory Headley, Director, Student Life and Engagement

South Dakota State University

Jennifer Novotny, Executive Director of the Union
Keith Skogstad, Associate Director of the Union

University of South Florida

Jennifer Hernandez, Associate Director - Operations

University of South Florida–St. Petersburg

Anthony Carinci, Associate Director
Dwayne Isaacs, Director of Student Life and Engagement

Southeastern Louisiana University

Eric Aymond, Director of the Student Union

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Blair McCormick, Executive Director
Marc Thususka, Director, Social Enterprise

Southern Illinois University–Carbondale

Tena Bennett, Student Center Director

Southern Illinois University–Edwardsville

Kelly Jo Karnes, Director, Morris University Center
Danielle Kroencke, Associate Director of Guest Relations

University of Southern Mississippi

Katie Kitchens, Reservation Coordinator
Stephen McCay, Associate Director for Operations
Stephanie Schroeder, Graduate Assistant for Operations
Jeff Taylor, Union Director

Southern New Hampshire University

Elizabeth LaClair, Associate Director, Student Involvement

Southern Oregon University

Danielle Mancuso, Assistant Director of Student Life for the Stevenson Union


Mike Boyd, Regional Sales Manager

Spelman Johnson

J. Scott Derrick, Search Associate

University of St. Thomas

Mitchell Karstens, Associate Vice President
David Lemon, Director - Anderson Student Center

StageRight Corporation

Kathleen Meadowcroft, Trade Show Manager
Wayne Saupe, Vice President, Sales
Sarah Waite, Market Sales Representative



Joanne Kilgore, Manager - Global Account Services

SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Adam Burgman, Assistant Director of Student Activities
Meg O'Sullivan, Assistant Vice President for Student Life
Amy Urquhart, Director of Student Center


Kristina Barsema, Senior Coordinator of Student Programs and Activities
Tiffany Brodner, Associate Director of Student Life

SUNY–Old Westbury

Jamie Jones, Associate Director, Center for Student Leadership & Involvement


Robb Ryan Thibault, Director, Hunt College Union

Syracuse University

David Pennock, Associate Director, Student Centers and Programming Services
Bridget Yule, Director, Student Centers & Programming Services

Tallahassee Community College

Jennifer Barr, Director of Student Services
Emily Rattini-Reich, Leadership Coordinator
Marcus St. Phard, Campus Recreation Manager


Ben Anderson, Director of Business Development
Vivek Wagle, Senior Director of Marketing

Temple University

Kim Celano, Associate Director
Katy Fagan, Office Manager
Alicia Ferguson, Event Coordinator
Katharine Fromuth, Operations Manager
Jason Levy, Director, Student Centers & Conferences
Filip Pongratz, Associate Director, Student Center Operations
Phillip Smith, Director, Student Activities
Tina Young, Events Coordinator

University of Tennessee–Chattanooga

Maurice Dorsey, Facilities Manager

Tertiary Access Group

Andrew Leontarou, Managing Director

Texas A&M University

Luke Altendorf, Director, Memorial Student Center
Carly Rice, Program Coordinator, Carolina Productions
Stephen Senkel, Associate Director
Doug Sweet, Business Manager

Texas A&M University–Commerce

Elvis Dang, Operations Coordinator
Steve Hirst, Associate Dean, Campus Life & Student Development
Michael McKean, Associate Director of Operations

Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi

Ricardo Reyes, Assistant Director University Center

Texas Christian University

Deepti Chadee, Director of Senior Year Experience

Texas State University

Albert Cheng, Business Manager
Tracy Goodman, Assistant Director, Conference Services
Lanita Legan, Associate Director, LBJ Student Center
Peter Pereira, Assistant Director, Student Involvement
Jack Rahmann, Director, LBC Student Center
Katherine Romero, Conference Serivces Supervisor
Charlie Salas, Associate Director, LBJ Student Center
Dusty Vaught, Assistant Director, LBJ Student Center

Texas Tech University

Belinda Arredondo, Associate Director for Operations
Jon Mark Bernal, Associate Managing Director, Student Union & Activities
Dan Burns, Managing Director
Rusty David, Unit Coordinator, Guest Services
Jewel Downing, Associate Director for Student Union & Activities
Claire Maginness, Associate Director for Student Union & Activities

Texas Woman's University

Anna Kessenich, Associate Director of Student Union Programming
David Sweeten, Director, Student Union & Conference Services
Jasmine Wiley, Student Union, Operations Supervisor

University of Texas–Arlington

Stephanie Edgett, Conference Coordiantor II
Philip Harrison, Technical Operations Manager
Stephen Lunce, Associate Director

University of Texas–Austin

Claudette Campbell, Assistant Director--Operations & Hospitality
Mulugeta Ferede, Executive Director of University Unions
Sabrina Owens, Administrative Assistant
Nick Parras, Assistant Director
Cassidy Sansone, Assistant Director for Student Programs
Jennifer Zamora, Director of Student Programs

University of Texas–Dallas

Sean Collins, UT Dallas Student Union Coordinator
Andrew Helgeson, Assistant Director - Student Union
Homer Salazar, Student Union & Student Services Building Facilities Manager
Dominique Spikes, Student Union Coordinator

University of Texas–El Paso

Ofelia Dominguez, Union Services Director
Edgar Palacios, Assistant Director

University of Texas–San Antonio

Orlando Cantu, Supervisor of SU Multimedia Services
Herbert Ganey, Director, Student Union
Robert Hopper, Event Services Supervisor
Doyle Hytchye, Events Manager
Tabitha Smith, Assistant Director, SU Programs

The College at Brockport

Kim Haines, Student Union & Activities Director

The College of New Jersey

Kiley Cinelli, Assistant Director
Jessica Claar, Interim Director of the Brower Student Center
Carly Samuels, Student Event Coordinator

The Ohio State University

Megan Lyon, Discount Ticket Program Coordinator
Jeff Pelletier, Director, Ohio Union Operations & Events
Jennifer Pelletier, Associate Director

University of Tennessee

Ian Crone, Director of the Student Union
Alison Ward, Assistant Director, Events and Operations
Jill Zambito, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Life

Towson University

Joseph Sabbat, Assistant Director
Dan Slattery, Associate Vice President, Auxiliary Services

Traf-Sys Walker Wireless

Ty Franke, Business Development Manager
Chris Wadsworth, President


Transformations Furniture

Bill Terpstra, National Sales Manager

Truman State University

Laura Bates, Director of Student Union & Campus Activities
Adam McMichael, Assistant Director of Union and Involvement Services

Tufts University

Laura DaRos, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, SMFA at Tufts
John Wescott, Assistant Director for Campus Life

Tulane University

Diana Noveck, Assistant Director of Events & Reservations
Heather Seaman, Director of the Lavin-Bernick Center for University Life

Union College New York

Lauren Dougherty, Director Student Activities

Unique Venues

Jeanne Feathers, Director of Sales
Chuck Salem, President

University at Albany

Pamela Alexander, Associate Director
Laurie Garafola, Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs
Michael Jaromin, Executive Director of Campus Life

University at Buffalo

Luke Haumesser, Assistant Director of Student Activities, Governments & Organizations
Thomas Tiberi, Director of Campus Life

University of Sydney

Louise Anthony, Director of Student Programs
Robert Banister, Facilities Manager
Alistair Cowie, Director Sales, Marketing and Infrastructure
Sandra Hardy, People and Culture Director
Andrew Woodward, Chief Executive Officer

University of Wyoming

Jeremy Davis, Director, Center for Student Involvement and Leadership


Gordon Capreol, Founder

University of Utah

Ashlee Christofferson, Assistant Director of Programming
Branden Dalley, Senior Associate Director of Operations and Director of Development
Abby Feenstra, Legislative Advisor
Whit Hollis, Director
Teresa Pond, Assistant Director of Program Coordination

Utah Valley University

Clay Allred, Associate Director, Operations/Facilities & Technical Services
Beka Grulich, Associate Director, Events Services & Campus Scheduling
Todd Olsen, Coordinator, UVUSA Academic Senate

Valdosta State University

Brian Roberts, Assistant Director
Robin Vickery, Director of Student Life/Student Union
John Wright, Associate Director of Student Life

Vanderbilt University

Sara Cope, Senior Program Coordinator
Angela Covington, Assistant Director, Reservations and Events

Vassar College

Michelle Ransom, Director of Student Activities And The College Center

University of Vermont

Lina Balcom, Administrative Coordinator, University Event Svcs - Davis,Davis Center Operations
Alisha Lewis, Event Support Coordinator
Cody Silfies, Assistant Director of Marketing

University of Virginia

Kelly Chambers, Program Coordinator for Student Engagement
Timothy Eckert, Events Coordinator
Kendra Paisley, Assistant Director for Conference Services
Michelle Streeter, Assistant Director of Student Engagement

Virginia Commonwealth University

Ayana Clayton, Director of Membership for the Activities Programming Board
Rochelle Upshur, Assistant Director for Facilities and Operations

Virginia Tech

Ashley Barker, Assistant Director of Continuing and Professional Education
Molly Bower, Union Operations Coordinator
Clayton Kolb, Associate Director Union Management
Nichol Kruger, Assistant Director
Eric Margiotta, Director, Student Unions and Engagement
Spencer Stidd, Assistant Director of Event Services
Heather Wagoner, Director


Randy Nepomuceno, Application Consultant
Rory O'Brien, Application and Technology Consultant

VMDO Architects

Joe Atkins, Principal
Kim Thompson Smith, Principal

Wake Forest University

Kathleen Hurley, Facilities Operations Manager
Leigh Myers, Manager, Campus Programs and Services

University of Washington

Justin Camputaro, Director of the HUB
Christina Coop, Senior Student Activities Adviser
Emily Kalstad, Student Activities Adviser
Jennifer Pope, Student Activities Adviser
Leyla Salmassi, Manager, Program Operations at the Samuel E Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center
Sara Torres, Program Operations Analyst
Mei-Chun Woo, Event Planning Supervisor

Washington State University

Steve Nakata, Director of Marketing & Communications

Wayne State University

Katie Beaulieu, Associate Director, Student Center
Nicholas Board, Supervisor, Student Center Operations
Chris Bowen, Associate Director
Andrea Gerber, Director of Student Center Services

Weber State University

Daniel Godoy, Financial Manager
Tara Peris, Director of Student Involvement and Leadership
Molly Ward, Director of the Shepherd Union

Wenger Corporation

West Chester University

Jackie Aliotta, Assistant Director of Student Leadership and Involvement
Maureen Dillon, Graduate Assistant
Emily Kofman, Assistant Director of Student Activities
NaQuan Redd, Assistant Director
Adriane Reilly, Associate Director of Sykes Student Union
Brittany Shaw, G.A. Sykes Student Union Staffing
Dave Timmann, Director of Sykes Union

University of West Florida

Kennyattah Cox, Assistant Director for Event and Building Services

West Texas A&M University

Kimberly Cornelsen, Director of Student Engagement and Leadership
Chance Haugen, Director of the Jack B. Kelley Student Center
Chari Hill, Assistant Director, Jack B. Kelley Student Center
Megan Ward, Events Coordinator

West Virginia University

Michael Ellington, Associate Vice President of Student Life
Thanh Le, Executive Director for Student Engagement and Leadership

Western Illinois University

Ashley Katz, University Union Assistant Director

Western Kentucky University

David Emerson, Associate Director for Student Activities

Western Michigan University

Nicole Haase, Operations Grad Assistant
Paul Terzino, Bernhard Center Director

University of Western Ontario

Jeff Armour, Chief Operating Officer
Karla Pacheco, Senior Manager, People and Development
Nick Vassiliou, Senior Manager, Promotions and Commercial Partnerships

Western State Colorado University

LuAnna Bryant, University Center Coordinator

White Castle Management Co.

Sean Turner, Business Development Manager

Wichita State University

Kevin Konda, Executive Director of the Rhatigan Student Center
Nancy Loosle, Director of Student Involvement

Widener University

Lindsey Ruby, Director, University Center Administration

College of William and Mary

Casey Van Veen, Assistant Director of Operations, Sadler Center and Campus Center

William Paterson University

Kaitlyn Howarth, Assistant Director of Building Operations, Hospitality Services

Winston-Salem State University

Stephen Powell, Director University Student Centers

University of Wisconsin–Green Bay

Lynn Rotter, Ticketing & Information Services Manager

University of Wisconsin–Madison

Jennifer Brown, Campus Event Services Manager
Stephanie Diaz de Leon , Event Planner
Susan Dibbell, Deputy Director
Jay Ekleberry, Student Services Program Manager II
Lauren Flegel, Operations Manager
Mark Guthier, Director
Heidi Lang, Assistant Director - Program and Leadership Development
Steve Zywicki, Production Manager

University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Alisha Campbell, Assistant Director for Event Services
Brandon James, Associate Director
Kevin Koester, University Conference Coordinator
Lucy Mentkowski, UWM- Union Marketing Supervisor Front Desk Supervisor
Michael Schmit, Associate Director
Richard Thomas, Director of Student Union

University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh

Missy Burgess, Associate Director for Student Involvement

University of Wisconsin–Platteville

KellyJo Hadfield, Student Center Coordinator
Becky Hass, Involvement Coordinator-Student Organizations
Lisa Kratz, Director, Markee Pioneer Student Center

University of Wisconsin–Whitewater

Kim Adams, Assistant Director
Jenny Fisco, Marketing Coordinator
Tonia Kapitan, Information Services / Warhawk Alley Coordinator
Angela Meldonian, Associate Director

Workshop Architects Inc.

Jan Van den Kieboom, Principal
Angela Van Dyke, Principal

WTW Architects

Richard Bamburak, Senior Principal
Derek Eversmann, Director of Planning
Paul Knell, Senior Principal
Larry Payne, Principal

Xavier University

Chris Marshall, Gallagher Student Center Director